Difference between a Tank, a field Gun and a Howitzer

Greetings Warriors! In this post, we will talk about a very simple yet crucially important differentiation. 
And that is, the difference between a Tank, a Field Gun and a Howitzer. 

The word ‘Tank’ is very commonly used among those people who don’t know about the technicalities of military. But for us, being defence aspirants, we must know this basic difference. 

Well, before starting, let us see, what a Tank and a Howitzer looks like.

difference between tank and howitzer
A Tank


A Howitzer

So, what do you say? You must have seen both of these. But if you didn’t know the difference between a Tank and a Howitzer, both of these would have been either tanks or artillery in general!

The Difference

Now, coming on to the difference between a tank and a howitzer. Well, the basic difference between them is the way they are used to fire. Although, in the modern era, both of them have been highly customised to cater the user’s needs, but still, the basic difference, which separates them from each other is this, THE WAY THEY FIRE.

    —>TANK –

  • A Tank fires to the enemy tanks while being in it’s ‘line of sight.’ That means that you will have to fire at the enemy by being in it’s proximity. 
  • This implies that, if you are firing at enemy tank, there is a good chance that you are well within the enemy’s reach too.
  • So, to shoot onto enemy tanks, you will be, generally, visible to those enemy tanks.
  • Since, these are involved in close combat with the enemy, so, they have comparatively thicker armour or thicker body. 

difference between tank and howitzer

    —> HOWITZER –

  • A howitzer fires at enemy by following a ‘ballistic trajectory.’
  • In simple words, unlike tanks, Howitzers don’t shoot at the enemy in a straight line, they shoot upwards, making a curved parabolic path.
  • That is why, while shooting, howitzers are never visible to enemy, as they are fired from behind the home side’s line. 
  • Since these just have to fire to enemy without being closely engaged with them, ( being behind the home side’s line ), hence, they have comparatively thinner armour or thinner body.

difference between howitzer and tank

So, this is the basic difference between a Tank and a Howitzer. If you have anything else to share about this, you may do so by commenting below. 

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