10 Smart Uniforms of National Defence Academy Cadets You Definitely Need to See

NDA, National Defence Academy- Dream of many, lived by a few.

A few good men, who deserve the best. And they deserve the best, simply because, they are the best.

As Wing Commander Rakesh Kumar, an alumnus quotes-

I was looking for a job where I would be able to add value to the organisation I was working for. Something with a bit of izzat. I look here and there, and then, I found it, the National Defence Academy.

He also says-

The pride of being from the NDA, cannot be missed!

These words indeed boost up the josh of all young aspirants.

Here, we at SSB Memes, have compiled a list of 10 Uniforms of National Defence Academy Cadets which you would surely want to earn right away!

1. FSMO Scale A

NDA Cadet Uniform

This uniform is called FSMO Scale A. It is worn primarily during camps like Camp Torna, Camp Greenhorn etc.

2. Blue Patrol

This uniform is called Blue Patrol. It is for Winter Term passing out Cadets.

3. Ceremonial PT Rig

NDA Cadet Uniform

This uniform is worn during ceremonial occasions like the Passing Out Parade.

4. Drill Order

NDA Cadet Uniform

This uniform is the sweetheart of each Cadet at the NDA every morning. Each Cadet dresses up in this uniform called the Drill Order uniform for the Morning Drill.

Most Cadets have faced a lot of punishments during their early terms because of ‘imperfections’ in their turnout for this uniform.

5. White Patrol

NDA Cadet Uniform

This uniform is called the White Patrol. It is worn by Summer Term passing out Cadets in their Passing Out Parade.

6. Riding Rig

NDA Cadet Uniform

Make your way to NDA Equestrian and you would find Cadets in this Uniform. It is solely for horse riding purposes.

7. Summer Mess Dress

NDA Cadet Uniform

Be it Mess, Be it Ante Room, dressing up is of Paramount importance at the NDA. This uniform serves the purpose.

8. Summer Mufti

NDA Cadet Uniform

What makes a Cadet look smarter than in his Uniform? A Cadet in his Mufti going outside the Campus. This Maroon colored NDA tie is an icing on the cake!

9. Walking Out

NDA Cadet Uniform

This uniform is called Walking Out Uniform at the NDA.

10. Winter Mufti

NDA Cadet Uniform

Go to Pune and notice the men at hell and heaven on earth walking down the city life, like kings in their kingdom in this uniform called the Winter Mufti. Indeed, a treat to the eyes!

So, which uniform is your favorite amongst these uniforms?

Source- Official Website of NDA- nda.nic.in

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