10 Things that change in a Cadet after he joins Academy

Did you have a friend with whom you have spent some part of your student life who joined the academy? Or did you yourself get recommended and joined the academy and notice that your friends calling you, that you have a changed a lot?

If yes, then you are not alone. It is the story of almost every cadet who comes to home in term breaks! 

He is now accustomed to hearing ‘compliments’ ( as he considers for some!  😛 ).

And while with friends it is quite normal that they consider you as ‘changed’. ( Because they consider you ‘changed’ a lot even if you don’t pay for their ice-cream treats once in a while. )

But when the family members call him changed, then he ponders for a while, that am I really changed that much? 

And finds the answer – “Yes, I have changed a lot!”

So, here in this post, we give you those 10 things which you can notice for yourself, that change in a Cadet after he joins the academy.

1. He wears his pants quite high now!

Funny as it may sound, but indeed it is true for most of the Cadets! If you ask him that why has he started wearing pants so high, then there is a very good chance that he wouldn’t agree with you. No matter how his ‘dressing sense’ was earlier, but now, he is a Cadet, and now he dresses like one! He has been told in the training that ‘only three buttons of your shirt should be visible’, and now this has become a part of his daily routine. He cannot help it. He is just the way he is. An Officer in the making.

Things that change in a cadet
No I don’t!

2. He boasts that ‘Fauji Lingo’ unintentionally, sometimes

After spending some time in the Academy, he has been moulded to behave like a Soldier. He is accustomed to saying ‘Jai Hind Ustaad’, ‘Start Rolling’, ‘Josh-Type’, ‘DLTGH-DLTGA’ and all. And although he doesn’t intend to boast it off a lot, but that just comes up on his mouth once in a while. And while the Fauji Kids know what that means, but those who don’t know military lingo, they are like – “Say What?”

3. He has become quite punctual

No matter how he used to be before joining the Academy, but when he has joined the Academy, he understands the value of time. He understands what those 2 minute breaks means, he understands that if the fall in time is 0530 Hrs then he has to be there by 0510 to be on the safe side. He understands that what being late will cost him. He has already undergone a lot of rolls and maharajas because of being late. So now he just understands that he has to be on time, no second option. And on time usually means about 20 minutes prior to the assigned time. 

punctual army man
They deserve a Ragda now!

4. He has become physically a lot tougher

Actually the above sentence should be reframed as – A lot lot tougher. (Add 2-3 more lots to understand it’s intensity.) He has been on the run wherever he goes. His bicycle rides more on him than he does on it. At every odd hours he has been doing pushups. Be it in the evening cold coffee time. Find a senior around? Understand that there are going to be some pushups around the place! These are not punishments as such, they are just means to train the Cadets, both mentally and physically. So if you think to be going in a fist fight with your Academy Friend as a play time hobby – then you should consider thinking over it again that who is against you…

nda cadets doing excercise
That’s what he does every day!

5. He has become quite chivalrous than he was before

Now his friends may find this to be totally opposite of what he is. And they are quite right in saying this. Because he is chivalrous with his female friends, with his male friends, he is even wilder when it comes to doing crazy things with buddies! 

But when it comes to behaving with girls, he is more sweeter and chivalrous than ever! ( Girls must agree with this. ) But of course, exceptions are there!  😆 

chivalrous cadet, chivalrous army man, chivalrous soldier
Chivalry in his bones!

6. His face has changed a lot

If you ever knew a guy who was a little fat or chubby before joining the academy, then there is a very good chance that you won’t recognise him after he comes back to academy! His face has become like that of a Soldier! First thing which does this is that – Military groove cut and the second thing is the excercises that he is subjected to during training. He has developed a perfectly chiselled  face which makes him almost not recognisable on the very first look.

Things that change in a cadet
Remember me?

7. He doesn’t complain a lot about the comforts now

He doesn’t complain about not getting enough comforts. If there is no AC, he would sleep in cooler. If there is no cooler, he would sleep in fan. If there is no fan, he would sleep in an open room without a frown. Of course the cadets look forward for all the luxuries of home during term breaks, but even if he misses some of those, he doesn’t complain a lot. He has learnt a lot from his training. These ‘small’ things don’t matter a lot to him anymore. ( Not to mention again that – Exceptions are always there.  😆 )

sleeping cadets
Thats all I really want to do!

8. All he wants is sleep

Term breaks are just like the ‘Honeymoon period in the Academy’ for him. He just wants to sleep as much as he can. He knows that how has he managed to wake up every morning for his Drill Classes and he also recalls that divine satisfaction of going to bed every night. He crashes himself on to bed like a sack of potatoes, a wakes up like a crying baby.

9. He doesn’t have a lot of worries

He has joined the academy, made his parents proud. He knows that after 4 1/2 years, he is going to get those ranks on his shoulders. His life is perfectly settled, his parents satisfied with what their son is doing. 

Why would he have anything else to worry about?

ima cadet parents
Hakuna Matata

10. He has developed a different meaning for bonding

For him, ‘bonding with friends’ no more means going on to a coffee shop and chilling out with friends in shopping complexes. He has seen in the academy what bonding actually means! For him every friend is now like a brother from a different mother. As the phrase goes – # Brothers In Arms!  

brothers in arms, comradery
Lucky you if friends with a man in Military

So these are some of the very commonly and easily noticeable changes in a Cadet after he joins the academy. 

Did you have a friend who ‘changed’ after joining academy? If yes, do share your thoughts about him in the comments section below.  😆 

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