14 Best Memories that only Brats can relate to…

So, has your father served or is serving in forces, be it Indian Army, Indian Air Force or Indian Navy?
If yes, you can relate to these things for sure. A life in defence forces is a life less ordinary. You get to do things which your ‘civilian’ friends ( as you call them), cannot do.
From travelling all over the country to a formal ‘bada khana’, you get into a world which is different from all the others. A world full of lovely people, a world full of brotherhood, a world full of bonds for life, and what not.

So here we are, giving you 14 things, which you can relate to, if your father has served or is serving in the forces.

1. You get expertise in ‘packing and moving.’

Army Postings

A part of life of the people in defence forces is, packing and moving.
Every three to four years, you pack your stuff and move to a new place. You get to see almost whole of the country. You go with your dad in all his postings, ( except of course in the forward areas where families are not allowed. )
You see the big black trunks of your dad, with his name being imprinted on it.
So good to travel right?

army black trunks


2. Those messages of ‘Bada Khana’ are always a delight…

Bada Khana

Be it the raising day of your unit or a festival, on any occasion, if the sound of ‘bada khana’ strikes your ears, that is a big delight!
Tasty food, merry gathering, cultural items, good friends, fun games, what not, all at one place.
What do we call it if not a delight?

Mmmm… food, yum yum…  😛 

Bada Khana


3. Living in ‘Quarters’…

army home

Married personnel live in quarters with their families. In a quarter, four families are accommodated, and hence the name quarter.
So, unlike our other friends who get 1 or 2 neighbors, we can proudly say, that we have got four neighbors, 2 above us, and 1 beside us.

4. Kitchen Gardens of your own…

Kitchen Garden in Army House

Living in quarters, if you live on the 1st floor, you get the terrace for you, and if live on the ground floor, you get the coveted kitchen garden for you. ( Although, if you live on first floor, and want to work and have a kitchen garden, you can. )
Grow and eat anything you want, from fruits like papaya, mango, guava to vegetables like lady fingers, cauliflower, name anything.
Grow, pluck, and eat!

5. Changing schools…

Changing Schools in Army

Living at a place max 3 to 4 years, then, move!
It has got it’s own merits and demerits.
From leaving an old place, leaving old friends to going to a new place, making new friends.
It is always a nice path to travel!

Changing Schools in Army


6. When you hang out in the mess for first time…

Party in Mess

While being kids, you always wanted to go to your father’s mess to see how does it feel like to be there.
Being a foodie, you cannot resist yourself to going to this heaven for long. And when you finally visit the mess, you actually realise that it is more than just heaven! That place is really exotic!

7. That proud feeling when you see your father in uniform…

seeing father in uniform

Every morning, you see your father, dressing up in his bright uniform. If your father is in army, you must have seen him shining up his stars from ‘brasso’, and those stars look really bright when he puts them up on his shoulder. He looks no less than a super-hero. You feel so proud of being a son or a daughter to him!
​Am I right?

Army Brats, Brasso


8. When CSD becomes your Big Bazaar, Easy Day, everything…

CSD Canteen

Here comes the nice part, the CSD. CSD becomes your shopping complex, mall, everything, whatever you need, just go and grab it! All you need is canteen smart card. ( And it’s PIN number of course!)

9. Your Mom is not just a housewife…

AWWA, AFFWA, Ladies Welfare in Army

Your mother, a wife of a defence personnel, is not just a housewife.
You can see your mother going to ‘Welfares’ regularly. ( Occasionally, you also have to go to Welfares with your mum. )
Have you ever been to the welfare with your Mum?

10. When you have your own sports complex to play…

army brats sports

Are you a sportsperson?
If yes, then you are really lucky for having being born as a brat.
Sainik Institues, Sports complex, all, you have access to it.
Love to go to Gym; go and pump up the metal,
Love to play; Football? Basketball? Tennis? Badminton? Table Tennis? Squash? Any thing? Just name it, you would find everything there.
It guarantees you a quality time on ground!
Been to Basantar Sainik Institute ( Secunderabad )? Panipat Line Sainik Institute? Kharga Sports complex ( Ambala Cantt. )?

11. Your dependent card is your identity…

Anyone asks who you are, instead of showing Aadhaar Card, you show your dependent card first!
​Yes, we are proud of being a brat!

12. Those inter-unit and inter-company competitions…

Army Brats

And this is what makes me love defence forces even more.
You get a spark from the very beginning.
Regular inter-battalion and inter-company competitions are conducted which promote a sense of growth in the child. A desire to excel is imparted at a very early time.
What else could you ask from forces?

13. Summer Camps, Visits to places, was just love…

Summer camps in army

You like to travel or visit places? You like to learn something new in your leisure time? Well, forces have just the right thing for you.
Various camps, and regular visits are conducted from time to time.
Those times are the best of memories, right?

14. Waiting your father to return from a forward area…

Army brats

Oh, that’s where you have a little disappointment, when you have to wait for your father to return from a three years long forward area posting.
Even a 15 days excercise duty seems like an year.
But what to do, you have to bear it.
You have to understand that your father is doing more than just a job, he is a protector of the nation.
He has to ensure the safety of crores of families. For that, he may have to compromise the happiness of his own family sometimes. But that’s just fine. We understand his compulsions, we understand his work, and we understand his ‘invisible’ love for us.


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