14 Most Hilarious rumours about SSB Interview that will make you laugh out loud!

“SSB, it stands for Services Selection Board.”

This is probably the most and only agreed thing about SSB. Rest all things, are different for different Candidates.
Each and every candidate has their different stories to share about this interview.
Some stories are good and authentic, while others are totally made up and terribly hilarious!
In this post, we share with you some of those hilarious rumours about SSB.

Some rumours are shared by members of our Facebook Page, some are heard by the author himself.

So let’s have a look at some of those strangely funny rumors about the Services Selection Board Interview.

1. Officer comes in Sepoy’s dress at Railway station to see whether you behave like a Gentleman or not.

2.  If you don’t keep your documents in a folder during document’s checking, then they will screen you out for sure!

3. 70% of your Interview is done before you even reach the selection center!

4. There are cameras all over the Candidates’ Lines. There are microphones under the Candidates’ Beds. If they don’t talk like gentleman, then they get rejected!
Also, there are Cameras in the mirrors. On the mirrors, as you know, it is written that – “Am I smart?”.
The one who replies that – “Yes, I am smart, get’s recommended for sure!”

5. Officers comes in Candidates’ lines late at night to see whether they are sleeping like a gentleman or not!

6. Fauji brats, Officer’s Kids are given more preference than others.

7. The one who get’s called by the GTO for command task in the last gets recommended for sure.

8. They will ask you weird questions like how many buttons are there in your shirt, what is my height, how long is my moustache.

9. There are some guys who say that I got rejected on second day, third day, fourth day.

10. Then there is a rumour about these types of questions, that Candidates were taken to a window, the interviewing officer asked them to “jump”, all jumped out of the window, except one. When asked why didn’t he jump out of window, he replied that he was only asked to jump, not out of the window.
Then he got selected!

11. If you get recommended once, you will always get recommended, no matter how you perform!

12. Only those candidates are eligible to become GTO who get recommended in first attempt!

13. Mess boys have a very important role to play in your selection. They report to the President that how the Candidate eats!

14. Last, and best – Some Candidates get recommended from SSB. ( Repeater’s would relate better to it! )

How many rumors have you heard?  😆

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