19 Simple General Knowledge Questions that Aspirants Must Prepare

Have you ever been in a situation where the Interviewing Officer asks you a general knowledge question, and you were not able to answer it because the question was too hard or too simple? If yes, then this post is for you.
Generally, after the Interviewing Officer is finished with asking you questions pertaining to your education, family and hobbies/interests, he comes to the General knowledge.
Now, the way he puts the questions to you may vary significantly from case to case. But mostly, he takes a current topic and asks your views on that.
For instance, if the NSA talks with Pakistan were cancelled, then he asks like, “Okay, so you know that the NSA talks with Pakistan have been cancelled, what are your views on this?”
If you answer that question well, he would keep on grilling you. But if you say that you don’t know about this topic, then he would probably ask you the reason for it and move on to next topic.
Here is a list of those basic questions that you are most probably going to get every time. These are some very basic questions, but some may not know it, because it’s too obvious or too simple.
You would have read about the Nuclear Policies of North Korea, but before that you must know these questions blind folded.

1.> What are the neighboring countries of India that share their borders with India. Also tell me their Capitals and their Leaders.
2.> What is the line that separates India from Pakistan and India from China.
3.> Tell me the Coastal states of India with their Capitals. (Navy)
4.> How do ships float? (Navy)
5.> State Archimedes’ Principle. (Navy)
6.> What is Buoyancy Principle. (Navy)
7.> How do Aircrafts fly? What is the principle behind it? ( Airforce )
8.> Which aircraft will you fly in training if you join the academy? ( Airforce )
9.> You said Sukhoi is the best aircraft, tell me it’s specifications? How many engines does it have? Where are those engines made? ( Airforce )
10.> Tell me the Ranks of Navy in increasing order.
11.> Who is the present Defence Minister?
12.> Which regiment you want to join after training. Why?
13.> Where are you going to be trained if you get selected? ( Name the academies. 10+2 TES entry aspirants must know the exact names. )
14.> What are your views on Indo-Pak/ Indo-China relations? ( And further questions based on the type of answer you provide him with. )
15.> Where is Academy located? ( The entry for which you are appearing. )
16.> Define Bernoulli’s Theorem. ( Airforce )
17.> ( Questions based on Calculations ) If you travel 4500 m in 20 mins. What is your speed in km/h?
18.> Which newspaper do you read? Who is the editor of that newspaper?
19.> Tell me any five national and five international news. ( It is the question which you would face most probably. Although he doesn’t listen to all. If you start explaining things, then he further grills you. If he finds you appreciable, then he stops after a while. )

Besides these questions, aspirants must read about the entities like SAARC, ASEAN, etc. Commands, arms and weapons of services and idea about the current events.
If you have any other questions you wish to share, you can do so by making a comment in the comments section below.
Wish you best of luck.

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