20 Things Every Kendriya Vidyalaya Student can Relate to…

If you are a KVian, raise your head and walk like an Emperor ๐Ÿ˜Ž ( or Empress!ย  ๐Ÿ˜† )

If you are a KVian, then you already know that there is something special about the KVians!
That ‘something ย special’ doesn’t need to be and can’t be told, it could just be observed.

We have millions of memory packed at your Kendriya Vidyalaya School.
From the moment we stepped into the KV School to the moment we passed out from our school after the farewell, at every moment, every stage, we were making memories.

We didn’t realise that these things would turn out to become such sweet memories when we grow up. At that time, these things were just daily ‘boring’ routine that we wanted to get rid of.

But when we grew up, we realised that – sweet or not, the moments that we have had at our K.V were some of the best we could ever have again in our life.
And Oh Lord, How much we want to live those moments just one more time!

So, let’s take a break from our college life and look back to those moments we have spent at our beloved Kendriya Vidyalaya School.

While you read this, Look back to your school memories, remember all the crazy things you did being in school, remember all the laughs and friendships you made in your school…ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

20 memories which every KVian (a.k.a student awesome) can relate to-

1. S.U.P.W Period? No, It’s Games Period!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Feeling like the King of the World!

If it is S.U.P.W lecture than the moment teacher enters the class, the first thing he hears is, “Sir, please give us a Games Period!”

After almost 10 minutes of talks with the delegates, the minister grants a Games Period!

That wave of happiness in the students in unparalleled! And when you start moving out of the class with those victory cries, the teacher be like – “Shh, keep quiet, don’t let anyone know that I have given you games!”ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

A “Teacher is absent, so it’s a Games period” was the best thing we could ever hear in our whole life!

And what’s the worst thing you could hear?

When you get a games period after so much of hardwork, and when you reach to your Games Teacher he says, “I can’t give you the ball, it is punctured!” Oops! All the hardwork went down the drain.

What comes to the rescue were games like Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho, ‘Catch-Catch’!ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

2. “… all Indians are my brothers and brothers…”

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
“Brothers and Brothers bro?”

Every boy said this atleast once in his morning assembly pledge. Brothers and Sisters doesn’t sound too nice.ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

You too did it atleast once, right?

3.ย New School, New Tune of Morning Prayer

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Difference is real

We KVians keep moving from one KV to other about every 3 to 4 years and we find a different tune for singing the morning prayer in every school.

Although the prayer wordings are same, but there is a difference in the way it is recited, however small the difference may be.

Infact there used to be a slight difference between the entire morning assembly procedure in different schools.

Whatever the difference may be, but most of the time in the morning assembly was spent on hearing phrases like-Stand in a proper line’, ‘Don’t talk’, ‘Don’t Move’, ‘Keep your eyes closed’

4. Wearing Civil Dress like a Don on Birthdays!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Hell Yeah!

Being kids, birthdays used to bring a lot of ‘Swag’ to the students.

Going to the school wearing a civil dress. Carrying a nice full packet of toffees. Every other kids start being so nice to you because they want some extra toffees.

Every KVian must say on this one- “Been There. Done That.”ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

5. Independence Day? Extra Laddoo please?

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Laddoos! Yum Yum!

It’s not a holiday on the Independence Day! Being kids, we would go to the school specially to attend the functions, and have some laddoos!

God knows that divine pleasure of getting a laddoo the second time when you would sneak past from the front and get back to the same line again for an extra laddoo!

Cunning kids, aye?

6. Toys List on long and boring functions- Grass and Sand

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Making castles in the ‘Sand’!

Whenever there used to be a long and ‘boring’ function of some kind, the favorite toys of all the kids out there were these-

Grass, check!

Sand, double check!

Talk about building castles in the Sand!ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

And after the commencement of those functions, it would be very common to see grass tied to pants of kids like a tail. No wonder who added those tails to that kid though!

7. My previous school was better!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Just thinking…

Every kid who gets into a new KV, for the first few starting days, he believes that his previous KV was much better than this one. (It is until he finds all of those weird sort of friends in the new school again.)

Everything becomes normal again. Every KVian has been through that. Have you?

8. Talk about University in Diversity?

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Unity in Diversity!

Hindu Muslim? Black White? Upper caste Lower Caste? Who? These terms exist on Media Channels’ Discussions, not in this temple of education! Period.

9.ย Class Monitor? School Captain? Who?

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
“You are School Captain for others, not for us!”

Class Monitor, the greatest pride for the Primary Kids. No second thoughts to it.

But when we grew up, we realised how ‘torturous’ it could get.

The struggle was real-

-> If there is any act of indiscipline, the teacher will get you!

-> If you talk about discipline to your classmates, your mates will get you!

Infact none of your friends would consider you as a member of the student council. So, you know, struggle was real!

But being a member of the student council had it’s own perks too.

Some of them being- While everyone is sitting on the ‘dirty’ ground for PT or in a function, you are standing like a boss, taking rounds and maintaining ‘discipline’. Some of those mischievous members of the student council who get an extra pretext of ‘duty’ for bunking their classes, to name a few.

10. When the Uniform changed!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Oh, I remember!

Remember the time, when the uniform changed from the old one to the new one?

Most of the students didn’t like it at all. They called it a ‘band baja waali dress’.

( Personally, I loved the new dress though! )

One very good thing about this new uniform is that- you can wear your PT dress even after you pass out from your school, it looks perfect!

11. That competition between Army and Airforce KVs

kendriya vidyalaya kv memorieskendriya vidyalaya kv memories
KV v/s KV!

Every place has two types of KVs, one administered by the Army and one administered by Airforce/Navy.

And the competition between these two is always on, unending.

“KV1 is better than KV2.”, “No, KV2 is better than KV1”.

For every student, their KV is better than the other one. And we say it without any doubt!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

12. Inspections look like we are studying at the IIT!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Wait, what?

Inspection in the school?

Welcome to IIT Kendriya Vidyalaya!

You will be taught with all possible education aids- Charts, Maps, Projectors, Smart Classes! Gosh! Just a sample of Tesseract Cube is left to complete the learning process right?

13. Misconceptions like Shivaji House wins all the competitions!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Which house wins?

There were always misconceptions like these in every school. Like- Shivaji House (or some other house) wins all the competitions, and Tagore house remains at the second, while Ashoka and Raman house always came last.

And of course, these misconceptions were broken easily when Raman and Ashoka House guys bagged the prizes!

Can’t comprehend what gave birth to these misconceptions!

14. When the teacher started teaching in zero period for fee collection

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Please Sir, don’t do this to us.

What is the best news you could hear?
It is- “There will be a zero period for fee collection only, no teaching.”

What is the worst news you could hear?
Very few students brought fees that day, so teacher collects them fast and says- “Lets continue our syllabus!”

15. Extending the timings of Games period

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Oh, the innocent you!

Every KVian has done this atleast once-

Playing for some more time in the Games Period because the football or volleyball or basketball match got so intense and when you realise that you have played for almost half a lecture of the next period, the only pretext which you could make when you return to your subject teacher is- “Sir, the bell ring wasn’t audible. We couldn’t hear it. Sorry Sir, please forgive us.”

16. Talents in the class? Oh, loads of it!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Talent? Loads of it!

There were almost all sorts of students in the class.

Singers, Dancers, Painters, Sportsmans, Actors, Love Birds, Nerds, Jokers, all!

It provided a good healthy environment to grow up from kids. Not just studying, but doing all the extra curricular activities.

So, talent? We got it!

( Plus, we got an extra good healthy skill of teasing those love birds! Nobody can do it better. ๐Ÿ˜† )

17. Times in Chemistry Labs…

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
“Fire in the Hole!”

Science student will relate better to this.

Your Chemistry lab attendant will never let you touch any of the Chemicals in the lab other than those which concern the experiment.

The Concentrated Sulphuric acid was the love of all the ‘bomb squad chemists’ in the class.

The only dream was to do something thunderous!

Maturity level? Open to interpretation!ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

18. Farewell Parties, Teacher’s Day! ๐Ÿ˜€

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Nostalgia, Infinite Memories!

Remember the excitement of Teacher’s Day? Farewell Parties?

Girls and boys wearing their bright crisp dresses, youthful cheer for ‘teaching’ the juniors in the class, posing as teachers, all of these memories can’t be erased, ever.

Farewell parties- call it a double treat!

First, when you give your seniors a farewell, and second when you attend your own farewell!

When you bid a farewell to your seniors, that mixed feeling of being a ‘boss’, the senior most students in the school, and the other feeling of being just one year more to spend at that lovely place.

And when you get a farewell from your juniors, then also, there are mixed feelings. First one being the sadness of leaving the good old place and all the friends, and second- fear of boards exam!ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

19. School decorated like a Barbie Doll on Annual Functions

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Beautifully decorated school, Friendships, Special Moments with loved ones- Intense Nostalgias!

Oh how I loved the sight of my school on functions like Annual functions!

Infinite memories attached to the good old school on the annual function.

Staying at the school for dark in the evening. Functions, lights, performances, friendships, special moments with loved ones, what not!

If there was a time machine, I would have probably travelled to that time about a thousand times, no lies.

20. Thank You KV!

kendriya vidyalaya kv memories
Thanks a ton!

No matter what we talked about the KV, no matter what sort of bitter sweet memories we have had there, no matter how many separations we have had from friends, and no matter how much bonds broke and made-

One thing we can say with 200% intent is that-

We are damn proud of being a KV product!

KV has given so much personality that no other school, no other college could ever give.

Thank you KV!

Dedicated to all my loved ones made at the Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Which KV have you studied in? What are your memories at the Kendriya Vidyalaya? What makes you proud for being a KVian?

Do share in the comments section below.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

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