5 Best ways on How to improve English for SSB Interview

Is speaking in English necessary at SSB Interview?

– The most commonly asked question by Candidates, who find speaking in English a very difficult thing to do.
So, to answer that question – ‘Yes! Speaking in English is necessary at SSB Interview.’
If you have already been to SSB, then you might have heard the Officer giving briefing in the exact same wordings as below –
“… and you may use a few words of Hindi in case you get stuck, but try to revert back to English as soon as possible.”
This line is more than enough to clearly tell you, that, ‘Yes, being able to speak in English is necessary for SSB Interview.’
Now that you know that speaking in English is necessary for SSB Interview, now the next question which rises is –

How to Improve English for SSB Interview?

So, in this post, we give you the five best ways on how to improve English for SSB Interview.

1. Read, Read and Read…

Improving English for SSB Interview
Develop a reading Habit to improve your English

If you ask what is the best way to improve English and also improve your Imagination Power which is critically important for SSB Interview, then the answer would be – Read, Read and Read.
Yes, you have to start reading something.

Reading is that sweet good hobby which lets you develop completely as an Individual.
Have a look at some of the advantages of reading –

-Enhancement in Vocabulary,

-Increased concentration span,

-Boost to the Imagination Power,

-Introduction to the new phrases of the Language,

-And some ‘hidden’ secret advantages.

These hidden secret advantages cannot be told, they can only be told.
Feel them. It’s all worthy.

Sounds good? So why not start reading today?
If you are confused where to start, we recommend you some good books for new novice readers-

1.The Alchemist – Ask  any reader who has been into reading since long time that “Which book should I read?” And they would reply – “For beginners, read The Alchemist.” And to tell you honestly, this was the very first book which I read too. It’s a nice book, worthy reading.
2.The Hobbit – Love stories full of adventure? This book is for you! A tale of a Hobbit Man who travels the world for a cause which ultimately gives entire human race a chance of survival.
3.Wings of Fire – A book for Defence aspirant, by a true patriot, our beloved, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. A must read for every Defence Aspirant.

2. Listen and Imitate

improve english for ssb interview
Listen and Imitate

Listen and Imitate, this is the fastest way to learn to speak some of those fancy good phrases in the language. Start listening to some interactions between people. Listen to the Interviews of your favorite celebrity, your favorite world leader. Trust me, this will help you a lot to learn some good phrases very quickly.
Listen to those phrases, and the ones you find attractive, start imitating them while speaking.
It adds to the quality of what you speak and ‘how you speak it.’
As you know that having a great idea to share isn’t of any use, if you can’t express it to others in an Impressive manner. Try to fabricate your sentences with some good fancy words and phrases. Those words and phrases will be learnt when you hear and imitate them.

3. Participate in Public Speaking Events

public speaking events for improving english
Participate in Public Speaking Events

What we have observed generally amongst the Candidates is that, generally, they are very good speakers, but when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people, it makes them chill their spine!
That’s the stage fear, the fear to speak in front of people.
And you know that after becoming an Officer, you have to talk to your troops, command your men, motivate your Juniors, express your ideas and plans to your Seniors.
As you can see that the thing which is common in all these scenarios is that you have to ‘speak’ front of a group of people. And do give it a thought that if you fear speaking in front of people, would you make a good leader? Will your leadership be effective?
So, to tackle this ‘fear of speaking in front of people’, start participating in Public speaking events.
Rewards and all doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have the courage to get up there and speak!
Participate in events like Group Discussion, Debate Competition, Speech Competition. Do Anchoring in some events. Participate in Skits. Just get yourself on to the stage, and speak!
What’s the worst that could happen?


People will laugh at you for a few days to a month?

Nobody cares.

So why deprive yourself of golden chance to be a good speaker just fearing the ‘laughs’ of a few?

4. Watch English Movies, Listen Songs

which english movie to watch for improving english
Watch English Movies with Subtitles On

Ah! Here comes the good part. You want the learning to be with some entertainment?
Guess what? There’s a way to this.
English Movies and Songs – A master trick to anyone who doesn’t want to spend time in developing a taste for Literature and books.What you should do while watching the Movies –
You just need to do these two things while watching the movies :-
Turn on the Subtitles – Watching an English movie would be of no use if you are not able to understand what they are speaking! You would be delighted to watch those special effects, but that would be all entertainment and no learning. So, to learn something, make sure you turn on the subtitles. But if you can understand the dialogues without the subtitles, then well and good, go ahead.
Use those phrases – Now that you have read those subtitles, and also understood their proper use, the next thing which comes is, Using Them! Make sure the dialogues learnt from the movies are spoken by your mouth too. Be it with your friends, be it with your relatives or anyone, it doesn’t matter. What matters is –Are you utilizing and practicing what you have learnt? If yes, then you are on the right path. If not, go ahead, get on the right path!
– If you are listening to English songs, go ahead and read the lyrics if you are not able to understand the wordings.
The best thing about watching English movies and listening to English songs is that you develop a ‘taste for the language.’ Continuously listening to some good phrases trains your mind to use them at the appropriate time.
What’s even better is that you understand that WHEN to use the phrase and what that phrase means in Hindi.

Like there are many phrases, which cannot be simply translated from Hindi to English directly to convey the same meaning.

(Take ‘Empty vessels make more noise’ as an example!)

5. Speak, Speak and Speak

speaking with confidence for ssb interview
Speak as much as you can and speak with Confidence

After all the efforts put in by you to improve your spoken English, it won’t do any good. Unless you start speaking!
You must have heard people advising you all the time, that speak in front of a mirror, and you would have disregarded them all with a ‘Bleh!’, considering that advice as stupid.
Yes, it’s not stupid, just start doing it for once, and you would feel the change in yourself. Guaranteed Results for this.
There are many candidates who say that-
“Sir, I can read and write good English, but I get nervous in Speaking, what do I do?”
The Answer is- Start Speaking.
Don’t hesitate to speak with your friends in English. If you most of your friends not helping you to learn English, pick one or two friends who would help you with conversations in English.

The more you speak, the better you become.

Besides these, you can also-
1. Develop a habit of reading newspapers, which would also improve your G.K,
2. Watch English Debates on media devices,
3. Do discussions with your friends on Current Affair topics,
4. Record your speech and listen to it to see where you are lacking.
5. Use online tools to check the correct pronunciation of a word,
6. Read E-Journals on a topic of your interest, and so on.

Dear Reader, there are immense ways in which you can improve your spoken English, all it takes is a little effort on your side and little shamelessness or courage to be confident enough to start doing it.


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