5 Things Defence People can do during a long Train Journey

Are you related to forces? Defence Brat? SSB Candidate? Cadet? 
If yes, then you know that you have to keep moving all across the country and even abroad, sometimes.
While travelling across the country, Indian Railways is that medium in which you spend most of your time while travelling. 
Train journeys are very exciting for those who have just starting travelling.
But for those who are accustomed to travelling by train, the journeys may get really boring if they have nothing to do.
For instance, if you are going to Coimbatore from Delhi and you have got nothing to do, the journey could get really boring, right?
Hence, we all need to have something to do while travelling.
So, here we are, giving you 5 things to do during a train journey.
The next time you travel by trains, you can read this before leaving, as a check list to do in the journey to enjoy your journey and be productive at the same time.

1. Reading a Novel

things to do during train journey
Read some good novels.

There couldn’t be anything better to do, if you are a reader! A train journey, A good book in the hand, peace of mind.
If you look at the habits of most of the successful people, you will find a hobby in common.
Guess what’s that hobby?
Yes, you are right, Reading!
So go ahead, grab a good book and start reading!

2. Have a word with ‘strangers’

things to do during train journey
Talk to the people sitting besides you. You will learn a lot.

If you are going to some other place from your own place, then there is  a very good chance that you will find people from different cultures and different lifestyles and more importantly different languages. 
This provides you with a very good opportunity to interact with those people who are quite different from you.
So go ahead, break the shyness barrier and have a good conversation with the people around. You will learn alot.
What’s the worst that can happen? They won’t talk to you? So what? They weren’t talking to you anyway! Doesn’t make any difference, right?
And no one just simply ignores if you are interested in making a conversation. Ask some genuine questions about the person, his lifestyle, and he would be more than happy to reply. 
So go ahead, and have a nice good chat with the person. Know about his cultures, lifestyles, language.
It will be really helpful for you. 
The next time you meet a person from that state, you will find yourself to be more confident in conversing with him. 
Great thing to do, right?

3. Treat your taste buds

things to do during train journey
Travelling – A delight for Foodies!

Oh dear! If you are a foodie, and travelling, then travelling is heaven for you. So much food variations in such a short time. Every next station your train stops at, haves different sort of food stalls. And no doubt they are divine in taste, delicious!
So if you want to make the most out of your train journey, go to those fancy little food stalls, treat your taste buds.

4. Get Creative

things to do during train journey
Get Creative!

Train journeys, the time you will find a lot of time with yourself.
Some time alone, that’s what creative people crave for. And train journeys give you plenty of that.
Choose what’s the creative part in you. Is it writing? Is it composing songs? Is it photography? Or is it just making memes? 
Whatever it is that drags the ‘artist’ out of you to the brim, do it!
It will give you immense satisfaction. And at the end of the journey, you can say with strong belief, that yes, it was a time well spent!

5. Going to SSB?

things to do during train journey
Practice for SSB!

If you are going to SSB, then you already have plenty of things to do!
You can brush up or we can say ‘warm up’ your writing or speaking skills.
Generally most of the candidates get ‘out of practice’ till the time they reach the Selection Center. So, it’s a good practice to warm yourself up during the journey.

Additional Note – As you know that most of the people spend their journey time by looking outside the window.
Guess what? It could be productive as well!
Wonder how?
Well, just observe the geographical aspects of the place you travel, like the type of vegetation grown their, important places in that state and things like that.
It could be asked in your Personal Interview. ( And if it’s not asked, even then, what bad could it possibly do? It has enhanced your knowledge, something that is learned, is never in vain.

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