6 Best Android Apps To Help You For SSB Interview Preparation

Mobile phones have played a very vital part in one’s life since the birth of Smartphones in this world.

Have you ever thought that what is it that makes these Smart Phones important for you?

Is it their Compatibility?

Or is it their Ability to do almost anything?

Most of us will agree to the fact that mobile phones amalgamate both of these!

Now, what enables these devices do everything? Is it a miracle or anything else? Don’t think any further, you are right, it’s the Applications!

As 90 percent of the world population uses either Android or IOS Operating Systems on their phones.

Now, if I tell you that these Applications can help you at your SSB too, then it would be odd, wouldn’t it?

As you know that SSB is not just any other Interview wherein they check your knowledge and technical skills, this is a test of your ‘personality’. And there are various apps available which you can use to make productive use of your time and churn something good out of it. You may already be using some of these apps. In this post, I intend to put all the options available to you in perspective.

So, in this article, I will list out 6 Android Apps which can help you at your SSB Interview

1-> Inshorts

This Android Application can help you a lot for your preparation of Written Examinations, as well as for your interview which is conducted during your SSB Interview. This Application is a boon for a student or a working man who gets very less time for preparation of Written Exam and SSB Interview. This Application  gives you access to all the current happenings in the world in less than 60 words per news. So, you can just go through the keywords but if it is a very important topic then you can just bookmark it and later, you can get more information regarding that topic by surfing the Internet.

Inshorts for all the News!

2-> Vocab 24

Do you want to improve your English for SSB Interview? Do you want to learn new words? Do you want to prepare for the English part of your Written Paper? Then, this is the right Application for you because –

– >You can learn 10 new words each day,

– >There will be new articles each day , so that you can learn more new words and right utilization of these words.

– >An Error finding exercise to Strengthen your Grammar.

– >An Idiom and its use in a sentence each day.

Vocab 24 for English!

3-> Musixmatch

Is Music your Love? Like to keep singing a song?

What if I say that this Application can also improve your pronunciation of English Words? Yes! Definitely, as this Application displays the lyrics of the songs which are played in it. Hence it becomes very easy for you to learn the lyrics and singing it in your own, which will totally change the way you talk in English and your self-confidence while speaking in English with anyone else would also be boosted.

Learn in Leisure!

4-> Runtastic

Do you want to improve your physique for the GTO Tasks conducted at SSB Interview or your fitness before joining the Academy by running or jogging but you are unable to track the distance covered by you or the time taken by you to cover the distance? Then this application is the weapon to have in your Arsenal. By this Application you can keep a track of the total distance covered by you and the total time taken by you, while running and also you can keep a track of the total estimated calories burned by you during this period of time.

One for Runner Chaps!

5-> Alarmy

Having trouble waking up early in the morning? Can’t pull yourself out of the bed? Worry no more.

As the name suggests, this Application substitutes the need for an Alarm Clock as this will help you to wake at a time you want to in the morning.

Now, you might be wondering that whats the use of this application as you already have an inbuilt alarm in your smartphone, then, the answer is following.

This app is my favorite as this assigns you a task when the alarm rings and you have to complete that task. The alarm will not stop until and unless you complete the task. The task consists of anyone of the activities like –

-> You have to solve a mathematical problem- there are three levels namely easy, medium and hard ( You have to select any one).

-> You have to Shake your Phone as many times as per your settings.

-> You have to take a picture of an object which this App will display.

Now you all will be thinking that you can just escape from this torture by simply switching the phone off when the alarm rings but unfortunately, you cannot, if you have selected this option in your App Settings!

Note- You might think that this is not useful as you have your own will power, which is strong enough. But trust me, using this will enhance it even further.

Ah, this annoying good hard teacher!

6-> YouTube

Yes, YouTube is included in this list!

Most of you would be having this application installed in your Smart Phones. But the question is- How do you use it?

Do you watch trailers of your favorite web series? Or you do you spend some time on it for making a productive use of it?

There are loads of good things available on the Internet which you can make a good use of. All it takes is a little bit of ‘curiosity’. A hunger. Hunger of knowledge.

Also you see videos regarding SSB Preparation by Ex-Accessors. If they are giving you free info, why not use it?

YouTube- The food for your hunger of Curiosity!

I hope you liked this article. Do share with us and others if there is any other Mobile Application which can helped you to prepare well for your SSB Interview, in the comment section given below. 🙂


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Myself Akash Dutta, an Engineering Student of Electronics and Communications and a die hard defence aspirant. Basketball lover, who likes to explore new places. I am the one who believes in learning new skills and does everything with perfection. Also, I have a very strong belief in expressing thoughts through words and there is nothing which can overrule words.

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