8 Best Ways to Utilise your time to be more productive in free time and holidays

Do you occasionally find yourself to be having some time in hand, and don’t know what to do with it? Do you just watch a movie and lie on the bed, doing nothing? Even if like to do something, and you are still not able to do it?
Well, if the answer to any of these questions is a – YES!, Then this post is for you.
We give you 10 best ways to be productive and creative and the best ways to utilise your free time.

“If you spend too much time thinking about something, you will never get it done!”

So start DOING!

1. Start a reading habit

reading a book


There is no person better than a person who reads. Reading has immense advantages-

-You get a command over the language,

-You get to know the correct usage of words,

-Increase in vocabulary,

-You get better in expressing yourself,

-Increase in imagination power,

-Develop a taste for the great pieces of work and what not!

I think these advantages are more than enough for anyone to start reading.

2. Start a good workout routine


Holidays are a perfect time to get some blood raging in your veins! Get off the bed and start getting those rippling muscles. Remember, if you spend too much time thinking about something, you will never get it done!
Plan your workout regime, and get going, and include running in your workout regime. It’s very beneficial for defence aspirants.

3. Get involved in a hobby


Now this is a very broad point. It could include almost anything you could imagine. ​

-Be it working on your dance moves,

-Be it a reading habit,

-Be it writing an article,

-Be it cooking food,

-Be it collecting stuff,

-Be it photography,

-Be it acting, or anything.​

Just make sure that you get your creative side to be coming up on the surface. 
Once you do something creative and finish it, that satisfaction will be unparalleled! 

4. Improve your General Knowledge

improve general knowledge

Well, general knowledge is not something which is increased overnight, it takes a steady and continuous effort to be able to retain what you have read. For instance, you can read almost 100 pages in a few hours. But that would be of no use. So make sure you read everything regularly and keep revising what you have read. Revising is the best way to retain what you have read.
So, pick up a good general knowledge book and get yourself ‘aware’.
To start with, Lucent’s General Knowledge book is comprehensive. And, you should also develop a habit of reading the newspaper daily.

5. Prepare for Written Examinations

nda written examination tips

Well, if you are a defence aspirant, then sooner or later you would have to appear in the Written Examinations, be it NDA, AFCAT or CDS. So why not start early and come back with flying colors! There are plenty of material available. All it takes is a little effort to utilise those resources!

6. Enhance your overall skill set

improve skills

Every person who is born here on this Earth born stupid! It is the course of time in which he/she learns various skills and becomes ‘smart’.
To say it clear enough, there are various skills that every person has to learn, sooner or later.
You can learn –

  • How to Swim,
  • How to ride a Bike,
  • How to Drive a Car,
  • How to make arrangements for a function.

I know these might sound quite obvious. But trust me, people find it way too obvious and ignore them their whole life and in the end say, “No, I don’t want to do it!” out of shame.
So better learn these things.

7. Start Sports!


“A true man is the one who knows how to spend a quality time on the ground.”

To be very honest, you going to join forces? Start playing! Start kicking, throwing, beating some balls! Learn to spend some quality time on the ground. Spending hours on the mobile phone, scoring 10-15 goals on the mobile screen? Not quite your style! Get up and go on the ground to get some blood pumping! Sweat, Sweat and Sweat!

( When you join the academy, if you are a sportsman, you will be respected more than a loner. If you know what I mean… )

8. Get some Wanderlust!


“Young minds, young bodies, young thougths. Don’t lock them.”

Don’t keep yourself locked up in the room whole day. Surrounded by only screens of electronic devices.
Get out there and see some mountains, see the greenery. It doesn’t necessarily be a hill station always, it could be as simple as going to a lush green park. Playing around in the green grass with jolly friends.
Just get some youthful cheer to be alive inside you. Get turned into a human from a Zombie for sometime.


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