9 Best Ways to naturally become the most likeable leader of your group

Have you ever observed a person in your friend circle who is naturally the leader of a group? The other friends in the group naturally accept him/her as the leader.
Ever wondered what makes them so different that they become leaders?
Ever wondered what hidden special qualities they do have?
Ever wondered how can you also be a likeable leader?
Well, don’t wonder a lot, it’s very simple to interpret that with a bit of psychology.
To begin with, the first thought which comes into mind is, how do those people know that – “How to be a leader?“. They are just our friends, they do what I do, they speak what I speak, then where on earth did they learn that extra lesson to be a likeable leader?
The answer to this simple question is, generally, they didn’t!
They are just like any one of us, and the key to their likeability is that they are ORIGINAL.
Let’s get started with the 9 best ways to be the leader of your group.

1. Stop Complaining

stop complaining

“Complaining – The Best Way to Spoil your image on others.”

Been to a new place? Don’t find good facilities? Don’t get good food? Don’t get good bed to sleep?
Fine. No problem.
Did you complain?
If yes, then you are screwed!
Nobody likes a person who keeps complaining about something or the other. You point out all the bad things in every good thing, then they point you out of the room.
So, whatever you do, just for god’s sake, don’t keep complaining frequently. It really tarnishes your image on the other person. If there is something bad, make an effort to make it good. Just complaining and whining over it does nothing, except to lower your position as a leader.

2. Be lively, Not Gloomy

lively person

“Lively is living, Sad is Dead.”

Everyone likes the company of a person who makes them feel alive, a person who makes them laugh, a person who gets some adrenaline rushing, a person who is lively.
Just imagine yourself to be sitting in a room, there is one person who is sitting in the corner, all gloomy, unaffected from any happenings in which he is surrounded, just sitting in the corner with a sad gloomy face.
And then there is one, in the middle of the whole group, cracking jokes, laughing hard at others jokes, listening to everyone, good broad smile, positive and high energy vibes from him.
You decide yourself, who is most likeable person of the group?
Or should I give you an image to decide?
Fine, here it is, tell in the picture below, who is the leader of the group?

Guess who is the leader here?

3. Be humble

arrogant person

“Being humble is the key.”

You can ask this question to yourself – “Who likes a person who is arrogant and doesn’t listen to anyone else but himself?”
Yes, you are right – No one!
There is a special magnetic power to the person who is humble. A person who doesn’t boast unnecessarily, is naturally accepted by the group.
It makes them believe that – Yes! He is ONE OF US.

Afterall you know that a best leader is the one, who is ONE OF THE PEOPLE, AND ONE IN THE PEOPLE.

4. Make an effort to lead

“Son, you are not a leader, until you show me how to be a leader.”

If you just stay at the back and wait for the opportunity to come at you and say a hello, then you are not a good leader.
Opportunity doesn’t come to you, you have to go a grab it.
Show the group, that – Yes, you are willing to lead them. And give them a good reason, that you can lead them.

That is what is referred to as the quality of Taking Initiative.

5. Don’t be an “All passion and no street smarts”

Dumb leader
Yes, you may be very good in winning people with your extremely charming words.
Fine, now people give you a chance to be a leader. Now what?
You have to actually lead them.

You have to DO some work!

For that it is necessary that you actually have some skills and ability to lead them.
For instance, if you want to be the leader of the group which has an aim of Making chocolates in the factory. You have enough men too. But, if you don’t know how does the factory work, where do you have to men to work, how should they work, which person is best suited to do the job, bla bla, then he becomes an – ‘All passion and no street smarts’.

You don’t have to be one.

6. Don’t be a gossip!

gossiping girls
Very honestly speaking, you loose the respect of a person the moment you gossip about him/her.
When you gossip about someone, then it is very likely that the person anticipates the you might gossip about him/her too in front of other persons.

You loose all your status at once!

​The one who told you all of their secrets, and you speak them out to others, just take a moment to think, that who would trust you?
If you don’t like someone, just keep to yourself. If the person you detest is really the one to deserve that, then other persons would say the same. But don’t, I repeat, don’t gossip!

7. Speak, listen, speak, listen…

Keep babbling all about you, and you loose the person with whom you are conversing.
Talk something about him/her, ask something from him/her, ask his/her opinion over something, and you get the person’s involvement in the conversation.
No doubt speaking is necessary for a leader, but on the same hand, it is more necessary to LISTEN to the person whom you are leading. It makes the person satisfied that – Yes, my leader is listening to me, he cares for me too.
This makes the leader – member bond very strong.
Moreover, your men will listen to you even better, follow your orders even better, and do the work given by you with a renewed zeal.
So why not do it?

8. Help the chap!

helping person

“You are my real friend.”

“You are my real friend”- Hear that quite often?
Well, you will, when you help your mate when he needs someone to tell all his pains.
And just one, “I’ll do something” carries a very powerful healing power.
The person believes that there is someone who is with me in these times.
Make an effort to help, earn the person’s trust and respect. Earn the trust and respect, be the leader.
And it’s worth mentioning that try not to do the ‘conditional help’, like, I am helping you, in return, you help me in this.
Big NO!

Just help the chap, for the sake of helping, for the sake of friendship, for the sake of goodness.

traits of a likeable leader

“My shoulders are for doing both the jobs – Taking the responsibilities and helping my men.”

9. Good Result to Men, Bad Result to You

“You know your troops stopped trusting you, when they stop coming to you with their problems.”

The quote above, isn’t mine, but still put it here, because it’s too good.
So, when you are working in a team, it is quite possible that you loose sometimes or the project fails. Quite possible, right?
So, what do you do when your team fails?
Blame the men for not working properly?
Take responsibility for the defeat and encourage men to work better next time?
Right, take the responsibility.
What your men would love the most about you is when you get success and give credits to your team. Bonds between team gets strong, and people adore you as a leader.


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