A Complete Guide to Technical Entry Scheme – TES SSBs

In this article-

-> A very brief introduction to the TES SSB,

-> What documents to carry while going to SSB,

-> What items to carry for myself while going to SSB,

-> Difference between the Reporting of other entries and TES Entry

-> Where will I get training after getting recommended from TES SSB,

-> Will I get travelling allowance for the TES SSB

-> What is the training tenure at the OTA

-> Myths about the Technical Entry Scheme

Brief Introduction to Technical Entry Scheme-

OTA Gaya

-> Technical Entry Scheme – TES, is an entry door into the Indian Army where the Candidates are given a chance to be a commissioned Officer in the Technical Arms of the Indian Army.

-> Students who had selected Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects are eligible to apply for this entry.

-> Those who have got 70% above marks are eligible to apply, but generally, the cutoff for receiving the SSB Call is above 80%. As of now, JEE Mains rank and marks are also considered for shortlisting the Candidates.

-> After recommendation from the SSB, candidates have to go through the Medicals. After a Candidate is declared medically fit, he has to wait for an All India Merit List. That merit list is made by taking into consideration the the 12th Marks/JEE Mains Rank and the marks obtained by the Candidate in the Services Selection Board – SSB.

-> After a candidate makes into the merit list, he is given a joining letter for joining the academy and then he reports to the Academy on the prescribed date.

-> The amount of money spent by the Candidate while travelling from his home to academy is also reimbursed.

-> The stipend given to a candidate is 21,000 rupees per month.

What documents to carry while going to TES SSB?

Documents to carry while going to ssb
Make a Checklist of all the Documents before going for SSB

The staff at the SSB will not entertain any of your excuses for which you didn’t bring any of the specified clearly in various places like call letter, notification and other instructions.

Although in some cases they may consider getting your documents faxed from your home to the Selection Center. But make sure you don’t let that happen, because it gives a very bad impact on the Staff about the attitude of the Candidate. They feel like the candidate is a careless chap who is here just to get out of home for an outing, and there is a good chance that they will even mention it to you verbally.

So make sure that you don’t miss any required documents for your SSB Interview.

It is a good practice to make a checklist of all the documents prior to going for SSB and remember to check all those documents before going to SSB with your bag.

For your convenience, here we have made a complete checklist for your Technical Entry Scheme SSB. πŸ™‚

=> 10th Marksheet with two attested photocopies,

=> 12th Marksheet with two attested photocopies,

=> 12th Passing Certificate (If Available) with two attested photocopies,

=> Two copies of Online Application form with Photograph (Photograph with white background would be preferred), attested,

=> Risk Certificate properly signed by Parents or Guardian,

=> Identity Proof with two attested photocopies.

=> Copy of Call Letter

=> At least 10 passport size photographs in formals, light colored shirt with White background preferred,

=> Copy of your ticket in case you wish to avail the travelling allowance. (More details about the travelling allowance would be given later in this article.)

=> If any other certificate of special you wish to produce for the Interview, you can carry that. (Optional)

=> A Bonafide certificate, if your educational certificates are submitted somewhere for higher education. Then, get a bonafide certificate made from the Institution which clearly mentions that your specific number of documents are submitted to them.


Note- The Photocopies of the educational certificates should be attested. It could be either self attested or attested by your school principal or vice-principal.

Tip- It is advisable to carry all your documents in a Folder File or a Document Bag. It is very easy to manage. πŸ™‚

If you have any doubts regarding the things mentioned in this section, you can simply comment your doubt in the comments section below in this article, we’ll be more than happy to help. πŸ™‚

What items to carry for myself while going to SSB?

The Selection Center will take care of you as long as you are in the Selection Center. They will provide you with everything you need for a good stay at a new place.

For your convenience, let us tell you what to carry and what not to carry by means of What will be provided to you by the selection center and what you have to carry for yourself.

What the Selection Center will provide me?

SSB Bhopal
The Selection Center will provide you everything!

The Selection Center will provide you these things-

-> Accommodation – You will stay at the Center for free.

-> Food- All the food in the mess, utensils and all will be provided to you for free.

-> Canteen Facilities- In case your belly demands something which not during the mess timings, you can treat your taste buds in the Canteen. Every selection center has Β a candidates’ canteen.

-> Internet Facilities- Need to read something? No worries, they provide you with Internet access in the Cyber Cafe. In some centers, they may charge you with reasonable prices for using the internet.

-> Bathing Facilities- All necessities like Buckets and Mugs are there for candidates. No need to carry these.

-> Indoor/Outdoor Games- To keep you in the swing of Physical soundness, most selection centers offer a variety of Indoor and Outdoor Games for Candidates to play during free time.

-> Medical Facilities- To keep you in the pink of your health there are medical facilities available 24 Hrs a day for Candidates.

No worries at all, right?

What do I have to carry with me while going to SSB?

Items to carry while going to SSB
Travel Light by carrying only necessary Items

Besides all these things, there are some things which a Candidate has to carry for himself in the SSB-

-> Formal Dresses- Light colored decent shirts with dark colored trousers. During your Personal Interview you have to wear a formal dress. Also, it is good to wear formals during other tests too except the GTO Tests. So take the appropriate number of formals for you. Don’t forget belt!

-> GTO Dress- It is advisable to take two pair of GTO dresses for you because on the GTO-1 day, your clothes will get dirty and if you wear the same dirty clothes the next day, you will not look presentable of course. So carry two pairs of GTO Dresses. Although one pair of white shoes would suffice.

-> Casual Dress to wear during nights or while playing.

-> Personal Grooming Kit- All of your personal hygiene items like Tooth Brush, Soaps, Hair Oil, Towel, Comb and all that stuff.

A very important note for you- If you have kept a beard, it is the time to shave it off. Shave it off to zero! Highly recommended!

how to shave for ssb
Start Shaving before going to SSB!

-> Documents- All your documents mentioned above.

Tip- It is always a good idea to travel light and carry only the most necessary items.

That’s it, don’t carry unnecessary stuff like SSB Preparation books. Remember-

When the time to perform has come, the time to prepare has passed.

Difference between the Reporting of other entries and TES Entry

ssb interview reporting
In Technical Entry SSBs, no transportation is provided for travelling from Railway Station to Selection Center

The reporting time for most of the Technical Entry Scheme SSBs is 0600 Hrs. That is 6 AM.

Now the difference between the Reporting of TES Entry SSB reporting and UPSC Entry SSB reporting is that in the TES SSB, there would be no transportation provided to you for travelling from Railway station to the Selection Center. You have to report to the Selection Center by your own means.Β 

That’s nothing to worry about. There are lots of ways to easily reach the Selection Center via autos, Cabs, etc.

Tip for you-

If your reporting is at 0600 Hrs, then your testing will start on the same day. So make sure you are in formal dress when you reach the Selection Center in the morning.

Many freshers don’t know about this. They get confused that the testing will begin from the next day and report to the Selection Center in casual dress. Then they have to change to formals at the Selection Center withing five minutes time.

So to remain hustle free, wear your formals before you reach the selection center. The testing will start the same day if your reporting is at 0600 Hrs.

Where will I get training after getting recommended from TES SSB?

CME Pune
CME Pune, one of the Academies where you will get training after getting recommended.

After you get recommended, medically fit and make it into the Merit list, you will be issued a joining letter for joining the Academy.

For the starting one year, you will be trained at OTA Gaya, basic military training.

For the next three years called the pre commission technical training, you will be trained atΒ CME Pune or MCTE Mhow or MCEME Secunderabad.

For the next one year called the post commission training, you will be trained atΒ CME Pune or MCTE Mhow or MCEME Secunderabad.

Will I get travelling allowance for the TES SSB?

Travelling Allowance for SSB
If a Fresher, Yes. If a repeater for TES, no!

What is Travelling Allowance?

Travelling Allowance is the reimbursement given to those Candidates who are travelling to the SSB for that entry for the first time. Sometimes, it is on the basis of Permanent Commission or Short Service Commission.


If you are a fresher, which means that if you have never been to any SSB, then you will get the Travelling Allowance.

If you are a repeater for TES, you will not get travelling allowance.

To claim the travelling allowance, you have to show the ticket. So make sure that you keep a hard copy of the ticket if you have to claim the travelling allowance (TA).

What is the training tenure at the OTA?

Training tenure at OTA Gaya
Training tenure at OTA Gaya is 1 Year

The total training of TES Candidates is 5 Years.

On the starting first year, you will trained at the OTA Gaya in basic military training.

The Cadets at the OTA Gaya are called Gentleman Cadets.

Myths about the Technical Entry Scheme

Myths about TES SSB
Don’t believe on these Myths about TES SSB

There are various myths about the Technical Entry Schemes which Candidates must ignore to perform well without any stress.

Some of those myths are-

-> It is difficult to get screened in at the Technical Entry Scheme SSBs- Pure myth. Nothing like that. It is just that the number of Candidates reporting for the SSB are somewhat more, so they might feel the difference. But if you perform well, no one can stop you from getting recommended. So don’t worry and perform well. πŸ™‚

-> They only select candidates above 90% marks- Just think about it for a moment, if they only wanted to select candidates above 90% marks, why would they set the cutoff to above 80%? Now you know that it’s a myth!

-> SCE Allahabad is Rejection Center, SCS Bangalore is Selection Center- These myths are created by the Candidates themselves. And there is no evidence at all to prove this. It is simply co incidence that the batches may have not had any Officer Material candidates who didn’t get selected. Doesn’t necessarily make Allahabad a rejection Center, right? So don’t believe in these absurd myths.

Just focus on performing well, no one can stop you from getting recommended. πŸ™‚

If you have still have any doubts, queries or thoughts about this article, you can simply comment in the comments section below. We love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

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