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1. What stuff can you expect from SSB Memes?
2. Story Behind SSB Memes
3. Motive of SSB Memes
4. Introduction of Editorial Team

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1. What stuff can you expect from SSB Memes?

We post stuff covering all of the Defence Forces,

Brats stuff – reason being, I am a Brat.

Cadets stuff – reason being, I am a Cadet.

Forces stuff – reason being, my father has served in forces.

Flying stuff – reason being, I am interested in flying.

Soldier’s Girls/Wives stuff – reason being, a girl within our team is a Soldier’s Girl.

And last and most important, SSB stuff – reason being, We have been to SSB.

SSB Memes Website, SSB Memes

2. Story Behind SSB Memes –

Well, to be very honest with you there, we don’t have a very long luminous history! We just started this work as a passion, and still do it as a passion. One thing that inspired me to give this a chance was a quote.
That quote was – “If you want to read something you never have, write it yourself.”
So, there I was, started ‘doing’ some work. I didn’t care about the followers or likes. I just started making stuff which I would have liked to see or read on other websites or pages.
I kept on making stuff, on and on. With passage of time, we started gaining our audience. I still remember the time when we got first ‘100’ likes on Facebook. I felt like the king of the world!
Those first 100 were like a nice pat on the back saying that you are doing some good, so keep doing.
Gradually, we kept on increasing in number, got people working with us. Gave ample opportunities to all, loved working with all.

SSB Memes was started in January ,2017.
As of now, we have 10,000+ audience of Facebook.
And about 11,400+ Unique Visitors on Website.

Thank You all the members for being such a lovely audience!

3. Motive of SSB Memes-

We just intend to provide the audience with the stuff which is ‘relevant’ to them. We strive to provide you with posts which are useful for you and made specifically for you.

SSB Memes is basically a platform – For the People and By the People.

4. Introduction of Editorial Team –

“Are you in Army?”, “Are you an Officer?”, “Are you an Offcial at SSB?” – These are some of the most commonly asked questions to us. Well, the answer to this question is – NO! We are not serving in army, neither we are soldiers, nor Officers, and not Officials at SSB. Both of us are aspirants.
Here are the two members of the Editorial Team ( Droer and AD )-


Hello! I am Vikram. I am a lover, a passionate lover, of the Defence Forces of India.
So, if you ever find me doing something great, just know that somewhere in my intentions and somewhere in my skills, there is forces.
Writing is one of my ever changing hobbies. I like to express myself in every form. I believe that every form of communication has it’s own merits; speaking has it’s own merits, writing has it’s own. I intend to utilise all of them, to make a difference.

SSB Memes Admin

AD –

Myself Akash Dutta, an Engineering student of Electronics and Communications and a die hard defence aspirant. Basketball lover who likes to explore new places. I am the one who believes in learning new skills everyday and do everything with perfection. Also, I have a very strong believe in expressing thoughts through words and their nothing which can overrule words.

Akash Dutta