All you need to know about the New ‘De Novo Selection System’ (Complete Information)

Let me start this post by a question. The question is, “What is the first step of every Defence Aspirant to join the forces?”
Well you thought it quite right, after clearing the written or cutoff percentage, it is the Service Selection Board.

The present system of selection, i.e the SSB is being used continuously since 1948 without any major change in the testing paradigm.


On 2nd May 2016, The Indian Express posted an article titled, “Armed Forces: New selection process for officers soon.” 

It mentioned some details about the new selection system.

“A senior DRDO Official explained that the SSB is a test which tests personality, not the intelligence. He said that formal education is not very important for a military leader. What matters is his ability to adapt to the changes, and learn new concepts frequently while unlearning the old ones.”

Facts about the ‘De Novo Selection System’ –

-The new selection system, also known as the ‘De-Novo Selection System’, is designed by the DIPR ( Defence Institute of Psychological Research ) over a period of five years. 

-It focuses on testing those abilities in the Candidates which are required from the modern day military leader.

-Once approved, this selection system will be functional from 2019.

-In this new selection system, the Psychological tests and Screening may be conducted online.

-The De Novo Selection System is being tried at an SSB in Bangalore.

-This new system is developed after studying the profiles of the officers who were passed from the existing Service Selection Boards. Their real life profiles were matched with the profiles which were given by the Service Selection Board.​​

-All the three techniques of the existing SSB system will be there, i.e Psychology, Interview and GTO, all three techniques will be there, with a change in the testing paradigms.

Why this new system is needed?

-At present, the SSB is conducted over a period of five days, which means that in a month, only five batches can be tested. 

-With the advent of this new selection system, the number of days required for testing will shrink to three days, which would allow testing of more number of Candidates.

-As of now, there is a shortage of around 9000 Officers in the Indian Defence Forces. This system focuses on boosting the number of candidates which are tested. But on the same hand, it doesn’t compromise with the quality of Candidates being selected.

-The new selection system focuses on testing the values which the new generation of Officers are expected to be possessing.

“We realise that the period of generational change has shrunk and the type of aspirants
now changes dramatically within a decade, unlike earlier. The post-1990 generation is a
post-globalisation generation, whose analytical and cognitive abilities have gone up. The
level of intellectual propensity is different, so are their expectations, not to forget the
changes in the value system,”  – A Senior DRDO Official.

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