How to check if you have knock knees? ( With Physical Therapy for Knock Knees )

In this post-

1. What is Knock Knees?

2. What do normal knees look like?

3. What do knock knees look like?  ( With knock knee pictures )

4. How do I make sure that I don’t have knock knees?

5. What is knock knees angle? ( With knock knees X Ray )

6. I have a slight angle in the knees, what should I do?

7. My knees seem to have a large angle, what do I do now?

8. I have knock knees, can I still join Defence?

9. How to cure my knock knees?

10. Physical Therapy for knock knees and how to fix knock knees in adults-

11. How long will it take to get knock knees corrected?

Knock Knees- A major reason for rejection at the SSB Interview Medicals.

And what makes it more severe is that most of the Candidate don’t even know whether they do have knock knees or not.

As you know the notification of any entry into the forces clearly mentions that –

candidates are advised to get themselves medically examined in their own interest before submitting their applications to avoid disappointment at a later stage.

And indeed the disappoint will be gross if you get a TR (Temporay Rejection) or PR(Permanent Rejection) because of this (so called) disability.

So, it is better to have yourself checked prior to going for SSB if you have any sort of doubt about it. And the good news is that, knock knees can be corrected easily with various physical therapies for knock knees.

That’s why, here we are giving you details about all you need to know about this. And suggesting you whether you need to see a doctor or not.

It is advised that before taking any step yourself, like medications or exercise therapies, you should contact a Physician first. He will tell you all you need to do about it and will also give you personalised treatment for a better recovery.

Let’s get started.

What is Knock Knees?

In very simple and clear manner, Knock knees is the bone disease in which your knees touch each other while you are standing without your ankles touching each other.

In children, it is normal upto the age of 8, and it corrects automatically after that. But if it still prevails, then this could be a cause of concern. And a physical therapy for knock knees might be needed.

There may be some angle in the knees for obese people and that is normal, nothing to worry about.

But if you are average weight and still your knees touch or ‘knock’ each other, then it may be a reason of concern for you.

If your knees touch each other while walking too, then it is probably time to get yourself to a good physician.

What do normal knees look like?

normal knees
That’s how normal knees look like


normal knees
Little angle is just fine and normal

If your knees look like these or close to these, then there is nothing to worry about. It’s just normal to have a little angle and doesn’t call for a treatment. But if the angle is more severe then you should consider to get yourself examined by a doctor.

What do knock knees look like?

Knock Knee Picture 1 –

knock knee pictures
Legs of a Knock Knees Patient

Knock Knee Picture 2-

knock knees pictures
Knock Knees, when your knees touch each other and ankles don’t

3. Knock Knee Picture 3-

knock knee pictures
This is a severe case of Knock Knees

Let us give you some of the knock knee pictures which will give you an idea that what do knock knees look like-

See the knock knee pictures above. If you have knees somewhat like this, then you definitely need to see a Physician as soon as possible.

Note that it’s correction takes a little time. So, it is advisable to get yourself examined and cured as soon as possible so that it doesn’t pose a threat to your selection in the SSB Interview Medicals.

How do I make sure that I don’t have knock knees?

Normally, a person is not able to notice his/her own knock knees. If you look at yourself, your knees would look just fine to you even if you have knock knees angles.

So, it is advisable that either you ask your friend/family to observe you while you stand and while you move.

If they are not able to judge you, then the next thing you can do is ask someone to take a picture of you from the Camera or record a video of you while you walk and then you can test yourself whether there is anything to worry about.

What is knock knees angle?

knock knees angle
Knock Knees Angle

Here is the knock knee x ray which will tell you about how much angle do you have in your knock knees-

Knock Knee X Ray 1-


knock knee x ray
X-Ray of a Knock Knee Patient

Knock Knee X Ray 2-

knock knee x ray
Knock Knee X Ray

I have a slight angle in the knees, what should I do?

If there is just a little angle in the knees, then it’s perfectly fine. There could be various reasons for getting that small angle in the knees. And it’s nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly fine. Just continue to your daily routine without any sort of concern for that small angle.

My knees seem to have a large angle, what do I do now?

If you observe that your knees ‘knock’ each other while you walk or stand, then it is advisable that before doing anything sort of ‘treatment’ yourself, get yourself to a well qualified bone doctor. He will tell you all you need to know about your knock knees problem.

I have knock knees, can I still join Defence?

knock knees in army
You have to understand that Military Training puts a lot of pressure on you, if you have Knock Knees, your knees won’t be able to cope up with that

Unfortunately, no. You must understand that a life in Defence forces is a life on the run. Even if you are a Pilot, and you have to fly aircrafts in your cockpit, still, you need to be physically fit. Forces don’t make any compromises as far as the medical standards are concerned. You are likely to be rejected at the medical tests in Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Airforce.

Moreover, the training, which you will be put through, will require a lot from your knees. And if you have knock knees, then it will worsen even further and causing permanent damage to your knees. And forces don’t want that to happen. So, they don’t have any choice in that case.

How to cure my knock knees?

Fortunately, knock knees can be cured via means of exercises and therapies.

There is something called physical therapy for knock knees, which cures knock knees in no time.

Specialised knock knees shoes are also available in the market. But before you try any of these, consult your physician.

So, here we give you-

Physical Therapy for knock knees and how to fix knock knees in adults.

How to fix knock knees in adults –

As mentioned earlier, knock knees is common amongst the children upto eight. And as the child grows, it gets corrected automatically. If it doesn’t get corrected automatically even after that age and you are an adult, then it may be a cause of concern and you should know that how to fix knock knees in adults.

There are various physical therapies for knock knees and some exercises which will tell you in below this section.

But let us first consider some of the ways in which you can learn how to fix knock knees in adults by taking proper diets and nutrition.

1-> Have a proper intake of Vitamins- 

diet for knock knee patient
Intake sufficient quantity of Vitamins

It has been observed in most cases that knock knees are caused due to diseases which are caused due to Vitamin Deficiency. A medical history of diseases like Scurvy or Rickets make it more likely that you have knock knees. So make sure you have a proper intake of all the required Vitamins.

Also make sure that you intake sufficient quantity of Vitamin-D. As you must know by now that Vitamin-D could also be prepared within the body itself by the body being exposed to sun.

2-> Quit Smoking and Drinking-

quit smoking and drinking
Quit Smoking and Drinking right away!

If you are a smoker and a drinker, and complain of knock knees. Then, right now is the perfect time to quit smoking and drinking. We are sure that we don’t need to mention all the ill effects that smoking and drinking has on your health, right?

Physical Therapy for knock knees-

If you think that knock knees can only be cured by a knock knee surgery , then you should think again.

There are ample physical therapies for curing knock knees which give fairly good results. So, a knock knee surgery should be your last resort.

Before that you ought to do these exercises for curing knock knee on a regular basis.

We give you the 5 best physical therapy exercises for knock knees correction that could be done at home here-

1-> Hamstring Curls-

hamstring curls for curing knock knees
Hamstring Curls

All you need to do in this exercise is, hold the back of a chair or any supporting material you find. Then, you have to lift one of your leg backwards and keep all your body weight on the toe of other foot. Try to take your raised leg closed to your hips and maintain the position for about 5-6 seconds. Repeat this for about 8-10 times.

Note that, you don’t have to hurry while doing this exercise, do it slowly and keep your balance.

2-> Knee Press-

knee press for curing knock knees
Knee Press

You can do this exercise for knock knees correction with or without a towel roll.

If you are doing with a towel roll, then first make a towel roll. To make a towel roll, just roll your towel vertically so that it looks like a roll. Don’t make it too large.

Now that you have towel roll with you, lie on the bed and place the towel roll under one of your knee. Keep the other knee straightened. Lie comfortably and press the knee which you have kept on the towel roll on to the roll. Keep it pressed for about 3 seconds. And then release slowly. Repeat for about 10-12 times.

3-> Squats-

90 degree squats for curing knock knees
90 Degree Squats

This exercise for knock knee correction can work wonders for you if you do it properly.

You must be already aware with squats if you workout. If you don’t then let us tell you how to do it properly for curing your knock knees.

All you have to do is, stand straight on both your feet. And, then, slowly move your abdomen to the ground in a straight line. Make sure you just make an angle of 90 degrees while you go down and not more than that.

Do it slowly and hold at that position for about 5-6 seconds. Rise slowly. Repeat for about 20-25 times depending upon your strength.

4-> Side Lunges-

side lunges for curing knock knees
Side Lunges

For doing this exercise for knock knee correction, stand on your feet. Feet, shoulder width apart. To start, bend your one leg in one direction, and straighten your other leg. When you feel a strong contraction in your hips and the other leg, stand up and switch to other leg. Repeat for 15-20 times.

5-> Side step ups-

side step ups for curing knock knees
Side Step-Ups

It is a very simple yet effective exercise for knock knee correction. All you need to find is a bench of that height on which if you keep your leg, your leg makes an angle of about 90 degrees.

To start with, stand on the left side of the bench. Place your right leg on the bench. Then, slowly push your right leg down so that you lift your body up. When your right leg is straight, hold at that position for about 3-4 seconds and then lower down. Repeat about 10-12 times for each leg.

How long will it take to get knock knees corrected?

It depends from person to person and also on the severity of your knock knees. Some recover very fast and some comparatively slower. Just keep your cool and get rid of it. Sooner, the better. 🙂

If you have knock knees and wish to join forces, then it will be a reason for rejection at the SSB Interview Medicals, but hey, don’t worry! Knock knees can be corrected easily. And if the angle is not that severe and in the acceptable range, then it will not pose a threat to your selection in the Medicals. So, don’t worry about it. If you have it, get it corrected, if you don’t, raise your head, and walk like an emperor (or empress)! 

Hakuna Matata!

Jai Hind!


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