How to clear NDA Written Examination in Short Time

Greetings Warriors!
So, do you have your NDA Written Examination approaching?
Do you have less time available with you to study all the matter?
Do you want to have some last minute ‘tips ‘n’ tricks’ to be able to clear the examination?

Well, if your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘YES!’, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some basic yet crucially important tips to be able to clear the exam with flying colors.

Also, before we start formally, it is worth mentioning here, that these tips are the ones which are most general in nature, which would work with most of the aspirants, however, if you want to try and experiment with something else, you more than welcome to do it. ( Since you know, a dress will suit you best, if that has been made according to your size, right? )

About the Examination

As most of you must be aware that NDA Written examination is conducted by UPSC, twice a year to intake candidates for the prestigious tri-service training academy of India – The National Defence Academy and also the Naval Academy.
It has multiple choice based questions, which has negative marking of 0.33%, which means, for every wrong answer you give, 1/3 of the total marks of that question will be deducted from your score. However, an unattempted question doesn’t count as a wrong answer.

Understanding the Exam

If you carefully observe the pattern of the questions in the exam, then you may notice that the type of questions demand a particular skill to solve those questions. If you could understand that what exactly that skill is, you can very easily clear the written examination.

Talking about the paper, the paper is divided into two parts, PART -1, Mathematics and PART -2, General Ability.
The Part – 1 or the Mathematics part has various topics like Calculus, Vector Algebra, etc. The questions that are based upon these topics require just a crafty application of the concepts that you have learned in your education.
The Part – 2 or the General Ability has further two sections in it, section 1, English, which has very basic questions based on workman like use of the language by the candidate and has questions like, synonyms/antonyms, spotting error, etc. And the Section 2 is general knowledge. This section is vast and covers almost everything.

Now, it’s worth mentioning here that, this test doesn’t require you to do a specialized course in each subject in order to clear it. You just need to have the ability to twist your brain a little and solve the ‘usual’ problems in an ‘unusual way’. You need to do the long and time consuming questions in a short and sweet way. That is what we call ‘tricks’ right?

nda written examination tips


Tips and Tricks to score well in Exam

So, coming to the main point of the article, the tips and tricks to score well in exam.

  1.   TEST – 1 ( MATHEMATICS )

-The first thing you must keep in your mind, throughout the test, is that, IT IS A TIME BOUND TEST!

To be very frank, what most of us forget while attempting the questions is that, there is a time
limit for this test to attempt.

->In the beginning of the test, most of us are very motivated to clear the written, and hence we give too much of time to those questions, which we couldn’t solve. DO NOT DO THIS! This will be the worst thing which can happen with you in the written.

->Since the mathematics paper has various topics on which questions are putted in the paper, so, you should try to do questions from those topics in which you are good enough.

->Next thing which one must remember while doing the Mathematics part is that there are more than one methods in which the questions can be solved. There is a long and time consuming method, and then, there is a short and sweet trick to do it in seconds. USE THOSE TRICKS TO SOLVE THE QUESTIONS IN LESS TIME.

->If you find yourself wasting too much time on a question and are not able to solve it, I have just one thing to say to you, leave it! ( Remember, it is a time bound test! )

In a ‘Josh’ to clear the written exam with higher merit, some candidates even attempt those questions of which they are not sure. Dude! This is the deadliest mistake you can ever make in any written exam with negative marking. DO NOT DO IT! Attempt only those questions of which you have a good answer.​


->Now having said all this, you must be wondering that what exactly those ‘tricks’ are and how you can learn them. So, at this time, here is the best way to acquaint yourself with most tricks in the best possible way. And that isSEE SOLVED PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS.

->Trust me, if there is any best way to prepare for any competitive exam in a short time, then that is, to practice previous year question papers.

->See those solved questions and understand the trick used in those questions. You will find a number of useful tricks in the solved question papers.

->And if you are clueless about how to solve a particular question, then too, you may look into those solved questions to find out the ‘HOW’ and also use that trick to solve other questions.

GET YOUR BASICS CLEAR –  Honestly, a lot of questions will be there in the question paper which involve only the basic knowledge of the topic and nothing else. Let us see an example, suppose there is a question of Inverse trigonometry and you don’t know the basics of that chapter, and the question is like,

nda written exam tips

( As you can see in the above image that this question uses a very simple formula. But those who do not know this formula, they will do this question in some other way. Now, although they will get answer that way too, but you tell me, isn’t it simple, sweet and less time consuming by knowing this simple formula? )

->Learn how to apply the formulae!

->To get your basics clear, you may refer to your NCERT books. NCERT books are the best if you want to prepare for basics of any exam. ( You would here this from everyone who is preparing for any exam, and indeed, it’s true! )


->While attempting questions in English section, make sure you mark only those questions of which you are very sure of. 

->Although this section is comparatively the easiest section in the whole paper, but still, it may get tricky at times.

->Sometimes, the questions have very similar options, and in a haste to do the questions quickly, candidates mark the wrong answer because it seems most obvious in hurry.

->So, English section, being quite easy and basic, doesn’t have anything to worry about. Just keep your cool, and come back winning!

I will soon write a post on how to improve English, both verbal and non-verbal, you may refer to it for any info.


Well well well! Here comes the giant! The General knowledge section! This section can cover everything relating to general knowledge, like, Physics, Chemistry, History, Political Science, But hey! Don’t worry, not rocket science!
This section comprises of questions that you have studied well upto your education.

->The questions based on Physics and Chemistry will be mostly conceptual and basic. So, make sure, YOUR BASICS ARE CLEAR.

->The questions in the history section are mostly based on Indian history, and that too, Freedom struggle movement. Prepare Indian history part well with emphasis on the Freedom struggle movement.

->For parts like Political Science, you may refer to the Arihant’s Pathfinder book to find material.

->The Geography part tests your general awareness about country, like the names of various winds, types of Cyclones, names and locations of Plateaus, etc.

->And, as far as G.K is concerned, you must keep yourself aware of every major happenings in your country and around your country. For that, you should read newspapers regularly, watch news on TV and read blogs on the Internet, utilise all form of media to extract the best out of it.


To be very crisp here, all you need to do to clear the written is identify your own gray areas and work upon it accordingly. If you find yourself weak in maths, then practice Maths. Just eliminate that factor which eliminates your dream to join the forces. If Maths scares you, you study smarter and harder to scare it away  from you! If English is what that gives you a frown, study it and clear it.

If there is anyone who can help you in clearing the written, that person is you! Yes, YOU!

Make your own plans, do what you have to do and clear it!

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