How to make a Wise Selection of Courses After 12th which will help in Joining Defence

After the results, every class 12th student faces a dilemma. A dilemma for making a choice to select his/her dream career or the one in which his/her parents will be happy.
However, this is not the case with Defence aspirants. For them, joining defence is their dream career, as well as the career with which their parents are more than just satisfied.
But defence aspirants too have to make a choice.
A Science student has plenty of choices, like B.Tech, B.Sc and all that.
​A Commerce Student and An Arts student too.

Now, as you all know that there are numerous entries in Defence forces, be it Army, be it Navy or be it Air Force. 
You have more than enough options to choose a branch which interests you. 
Now, the question which rises is, “Which Course should I select to get my dream branch?”

For instance, suppose you want to be a fighter pilot in the Indian AirForce, then selecting a technical course which involves subjects like Mathematics, Physics at some point would be conducive.

Before we move any further into some details, let us first understand that – 

“Why do I have to select any course?”

There are many Candidates who apply for the entries to join defence after 12th class itself. Entries like – National Defence Academy, 10+2 TES ( Technical Entry Scheme ), 10+2 B.Tech Cadet Entry Scheme provide a platform for class 12th pass outs to join the Academies like NDA, OTA Gaya, India Naval Academy, Ezhimala soon after their exams.

It is a very common practice amongst the aspirants that they disregard the selection of Colleges for them, just by assuming that they are going to join the NDA, OTA, INA.
Ambition is good, but a good leader always has a plan, and two to back it up.
So make sure you have a good backup plan too. For that you need to make a wise choice for selecting your courses.

Now, coming to the selection of courses.
To be very straightforward, you have to select the course, which interests you. If Film making is something which drives your passion, go and do it. If Photography is your passion, go and do it.
But if joining defence is your ultimate dream, then you have to consider a few points and make a choice for yourself.

B.Sc v/s B.Tech-
This choice is the most difficult to make for a Science student. Here, we will give a slight comparison between the two, you can consider them and make a choice for you.

The advantage of the B.Sc course is that it is of 3 Years only. So, by the time the Cadets at the NDA complete their training their, you would also complete your Graduation. And would be joining the IMA, AFA, INA at almost the same time.
Now you may ask what is the advantage of completing the Graduation in three years? Then the answer to that is, there is a fixed amount of service for every Officer in the forces. And when the recommendation for the Officers at high level or the Top Brass are made, they consider the age factor their.

Now, coming to B.Tech. B.Tech provides you with ample opportunities to join defence. It haves more number of entries than the B.Sc course. And plus, if you want to get some handsome salary packages as a backup plan, then B.Tech would provide you with some support as Engineers are very well paid at good companies.

So, what do you want? 
Choice is yours.

Choice for other courses –
Now, apart from these two courses, their are numerous other courses. Like Law students have the JAG Entry with them.
Other entries like AEC in Army, other ground duties in IAF, and arms of the Navy, all have various eligibility criteria.
Now, it is very important to select that course which lets you choose your dream branch.
The very simple solution to know
 “how to do it?” is to check the eligibility criteria for that branch.
Here is a list of all entries in the Defence Forces of India with their Eligibility criteria.
Select your dream job, check the eligibility criteria for that job, and make the choice!
Good Luck! 🙂

how to join defence forces
All Entries into Defence Forces
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