Meet Shivansh Joshi, NDA AIR-1, All Set to Join the Academy!

How does it feel like to have your name here? On top of the merit list.

NDA 1 2017 Merit list


Well, Shivansh Joshi could tell us that.

A total of 371 candidates got finally recommended to join the prestigious tri-service training academy, the NDA.

Shivansh Joshi, making his parents proud, topped the merit list. He belongs to a small town called Ranikhet.

He got recommended from Allahabad. It was his second recommendation and third attempt.

Regarding his SSB, he talks about his interview-

Try reading some good books and have complete knowledge. You can know 500 things in small amount. But a complete knowledge of 5 things is rather important.

I told my interviewing officer that I know about theory of relativity and I was drilled on that. I was able to explain him quite effectively.

I was also asked conceptual maths. And was drilled again, for 30 minutes.

He asked me to explain calculus in 5 points, to a lay man. And I didn’t use a single formula. I explained him like-ย When something happens randomly, then it is easier to study them in really small intervals because the things there happen simply. This comprises calculus.

Then he asked me about Quantum Mechanics.

Then he asked me about General Knowledge to which I replied, “I don’t know Sir.” I didn’t know like a single answer.

So he asked me, what do you know then, I told him, Modern Physics. Then I was drilled again.

The point I’m trying to bring out here is, whatever you know, have complete knowledge about it.

Regarding Psychology, keep your thoughts positive and a good command over English helps a lot.

In GTO, I gave some good ideas in GD and GPE. Ideas, not facts, because I wasn’t well versed with facts to be honest. And lecturette was good either.

So, in short, be true, be positive. That’s all it takes.

So, that’s how Shivansh Joshi did it!

Do you think you have what it takes?

Good Luck Chaps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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