These Special Forces’ Aspirants Engineering Students Ran 85 Km Straight to Kasauli from Mohali!

Who says training happens only in the Academy? It is not always in the presence of an Instructor that this training happens.

When the motive is to join the Elites, you would have to kill that comfort zone of yours. And this group of 7 Engineering students did it!

All of them are Defence Aspirants, and aspire to be a Uniform Bearer in the Elite Para Commando Special Forces.

So, when ‘Balidaan’ is the vision, no sea too rough, no muff too tough! Or as we call it, “Mushkil Waqt, Fauji Sakht!

Group of ‘Maroon Aspirants’ who pushed their limits!

This team consisted of 7 members, viz, Shubham Rana, Sagar Rana, Sanjeev, Gourav, Hrishu, Prashant and Ankit, and all of them being Engineering Students.

They planned this run called, ‘Run for Fun’. ‘Run for Fun’ because they weren’t doing it for any social cause, they were just running, because they felt like running. ( Forrest Gump must have inspired!  😆  )

So, they planned everything thoroughly. Took all the eatables, energy bars, chocolates, glucose, chick peas and what not! Planned the route. And Wush! Off the Go!

They started their run early in the morning. They had two bicycles with them which were used by four runners. The remaining three did it all without the bicycle! Gourav, Prashant and Shubham Rana were the ones.

They divided their journey into smaller sub parts and covered them. After covering the distance, they would either take a short break or wait for others to receive.

It is worth mentioning that they did it all in 12 hours!

Shubham Rana, one of the runners says, “There wasn’t any space for Individual Runners. This was for the Team! We started it together, and ended it together, like brothers in arms!”

What was the Goal-

It’s lonely, but the view, it’s incredible!

All of them believed that long distance running is an excellent way of knowing how strong and robust you are, mentally. It takes more of mental strength than the physical strength to cover such distances.

And after covering it successfully, they emerged out to be far more confident than they ever were.

They have previously run a 50 Km too.

What was the Motivation to Keep Going-

85 Km? Check!

When asked about the motivation to keep going, they mention,

We have always looked up to our Special Forces. They are the fittest of all. Fitness attracts us. It’s like an addiction. They run a total of 100 Km with 24-25 Kg of load. If they can do it. Why can’t we?

He also mentions,

When we talk of a team, if one person decides to not give up, then no one gives up! We cracked jokes, made fun of each other, but in the end, Mission was Accomplished with a Smile on the face!

They plan to make that two figure 80 Km to a three figure 100 Km soon!

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